What We Do

From Multi-residential projects to innovative homes, funky studios and gorgeous granny flats, we’ll work with you to bring your ideal living space to life in a manner that is sustainable, cost-effective and efficient

We will turn any preconceptions you have about modular and prefabricated construction on their head by using contemporary styles, good architectural design and sustainable materials and methods.

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Money from Modular

Build a studio on your property utilising planning laws to rent out as a second income. We have both 65m2 and 90m2 studio designs which comply and can assist you with certification.

Developers Delight

Build your Multi Residential property off site while your Operational Works application is being completed and halve your project time.

How We Do It

We understand how hard it is to wait for the home of your project or home to be completed, that’s why we put an emphasis on a quick turnaround. At Saltair Modular you’ll be in your new home faster because our entire building process takes approximately 12 weeks!

We take a collaborative approach to the planning and certification process prior to beginning the build of your modular home. Because we boast an off-site building facility we’re able to work simultaneously at your site and ours resulting in minimal interruption and maximum efficiency. Once we’re finished we’ll relocate to your site for assembly that is completed in one day.

Innovative Prefabricated Homes

Economical building
results in big
cost savings

Innovative Prefabricated Homes


Innovative Prefabricated Homes

Controlled workplace for high quality output

Innovative Prefabricated Homes

Minimal onsite
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